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Injury Treatment

Injury requires a special kind of assessment that quickly and effectively addresses your injuries and needs while also providing the exhaustive documentation required for insurance claims or legal proceedings.  At Mountain Medical Injury, we ask the questions that can accurately evaluate the source of your pain and the extent of your injuries.  We identify the best treatment plan to ease your suffering and regain your mobility, and our facilities around the city make it convenient for you to continue the rehabilitation you need.

Our goal at Mountain Medical Injury is to minimize stress for patients.  We provide urgent evaluation, orders for X-Rays and labs, and convenient access to the doctors and therapists you need to recover efficiently.  When you have been injured, it is best to have a medical evaluation as soon as possible.  Call Mountain Medical Injury and we will schedule a comprehensive evaluation within 24 hours, if needed, and with no out-of-pocket cost for your initial evaluation.

Mountain Medical Injury will assist you from the day of the injury until you are fully recovered.  Our doctors can provide consultations, independent medical examinations (IME), future needs plans, and expert witness for legal settlements.  We want you to preserve your health financially as well as physically.


Injury Evaluation

Patients suffering a traumatic injury or individuals addressing chronic pain can be assured Mountain Medical Injury will be comprehensive at all levels of an evaluation.  Physical assessment of the injury along with the impact on normal daily living activities is taken into account.  We have caring and compassionate physicians to guide the diagnostics with the latest technology and clinical protocols.

Our professionals work closely with Colorado and Federal agencies to ensure obligations are met for each and every patient.  Mountain Medical Injury is well known for professional communications with adjusters, case managers, utilization mangers and medical directors to reach the best outcomes possible for the patient.

Auto Accident Patient Paperwork

Injury Rehabilitation Planning

Mountain Medical Injury uses a team of medical specialists to develop an individualized treatment plan for you.  We shape the plan to help you reach your goals while supporting work, family and social activities.  Your plan may include specialty consults with physicians, physical therapist, psychologists, chiropractors, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage and many other components.

Independent Medical Evaluation

In many instances when claims for personal injury are being disputed in the legal system a physical evaluation is required by an Independent Medical Examiner to assure neutrality.  The IME physician will render a non-partial summary of the condition of the patient to aid in the decision making process of approving or declining an injury claim.  The patient injury or condition is pinpointed by the IME professional to determine the extent of injuries and to determine suitable compensation.

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Expert Witness Testimony

Mountain Medical Injury provides Expert Witness Testimony on the causes of pain and suffering.  Finger joint pain caused by repetition on a keyboard, back strain from lifting excessively, and neck pain caused from an auto accident are a few of the patient conditions for which our professionals are considered experts in testifying.

Future Need Planning

Sometimes recovering from traumatic injuries can be slow.  Despite best efforts recovery can take a year or more.  We specialize in defining the treatment that will be required to get you back to your life as fully as possible.  We write a comprehensive future needs plan to be used for obtaining appropriate funding for your future needs.  We will tally up an estimate of your future needs if you request.