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Patient Jesse Martinez talking about the quality care he has received at Mountain Medical Injury.

Nancy Smith treating a patient with Neck Pain.

“After my car accident, pain pills helped me to
cope. I was in constant pain and needed more
pills to function. I was in too much pain to stop
taking my pain pills. My doctor at Mountain
Medical helped me to realize my pain wasn’t
worse. I was suffering withdrawal between
medication doses.” SR

“Suboxone manages my pain far better than
Other pain medications ever did. Physical
Therapy and periodic nerve blocks help too. “ JA
“I am lucky to be alive. Many of my friends weren’t so
lucky. I have been sober for a year and I have begun to
savor each moment of my life. At times I felt like giving up,
it seemed too hard, but I didn’t give up, thanks to the
support I have at Mountain Medical.” CB

“We had no insurance so MMC charged a
reduced cash rate for my son’s treatment. It has
been the best investment I ever made! He is
happy and back in school” AR

“Thank you Mountain Medical for helping my family
overcome the chaos. It was really hard to watch my
husband struggle. I am so glad I made the appointment to
consult with you. He is recovering and my kids and I
learned we are not alone.” TB

“I only had minor withdrawal for a day when I
detoxed with Suboxone. Therapy and groups
kept me strong while I worked on making my
life happy and drug free. I have energy and can
focus with Suboxone. I can concentrate on my
life. ” MM

“Pain strangled my life and my family suffered with me.
Thank you Mountain Medical for understanding my pain
and helping me get my life back. “ DV